SM0193: The Scottish Harp Anthology Volume 1

The Scottish Harp Anthology
Volume 1 - Elementary

Cover Image A collection of arrangements and original compositions by a selection of the finest performers, arrangers and teachers currently working in Scotland. The arrangements are suitable for elementary players (Grade 1-3) and will provide a delightful addition to any harpist's repertoire. Compiled and Edited by Ailie Robertson.


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Recordings and Sheet Music from Ailie Robertson
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Contents & Contributors

It is my great pleasure to present this new series of harp music. We have a very strong history of harp playing in Scotland, and this is a hugely exciting time for the harp, with an ever-increasing number of professional harpists living and working in Scotland. The arrangers and composers included are all wonderful ambassadors for Scottish music and the Scottish harp. I wanted these books to represent the wealth of talent that we are so lucky to have, and to give a taster of different peoples’ arranging styles and new compositions. The arrangements have deliberately not all been formatted the same way in terms of fingering, dynamics etc, as I think that this is an important aspect of each person’s individual style. I hope that you will love playing the music in these collections, and that you will be inspired to keep discovering more about the music of Scotland. Ailie Robertson

The Scottish Harp Anthology
Volume 1 - Elementary

Cheyenne Brown - Is Traugh Nach D'Rugadh Dall Mi
Gillian Fleetwood - Fairly Shot of Her
Maeve Gilchrist - Hospitality of Jane
Rachel Hair - Tha oighr' òg aig fear Dhungallan
Corinna Hewat - Ian MacDonald's Jig
Emily Hoile - The Cheesecake
Tristan le Govic - A Dhomhnuil Nan Dun
Mairi MacLeod - Tom an t-searraich
Mary MacMaster - Horo Horo Mo Nionag
Karen Marshalsay - Gealach a' Bhruic
Rachel Newton - The Arran Boat
Hannah Phillips - Cutting Bracken
Ailie Robertson - The Kilfenora Jig
Fiona Rutherford - Till an Crodh Faidh an Crodh
Patsy Seddon - Mrs Jamieson's Favourite
Wendy Stewart - The Tune of My Sorrow is Quiet and Beautiful
Fraya Thomsen - Oran Arisaig
Heather Yule - Mo run an diugh mar an dé thu

(see our Artist A-Z for other recordings and scores by the contributors to the book)

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Title: The Scottish Harp Anthology
Volume 1: Elementary
Contents: See panel above
Arranged by : See panel above
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Elementary
Format: A4 Stapled score
Weight: 185gm
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Our Ref: SM0193
Publisher: Pentland Publishing
Edition/Year: 2010
Origin: UK