SM131: The Clarsach Collection Volume 1

Sheet Music for Harp
The Clarsach Collection Volume 1 - Elementary
Karen Marshalsay

Cover ImageThis book is for gut-strung clarsach and is aimed at elementary level players, who might be working with a teacher or learning on their own, and are interested in Scottish tunes played in traditional style. The level is about Grades 1-3. Fingerings are given, ornamentation is notated, and there is information on the tunes and the way they are played.

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Contents & Introduction


Sreangan a’ Sreapadh
Emily’s Tune
The Barnyards O’ Delgay
Dannsa na Duilleagain
The Three-Legged Clàrsach
Elephants are Beautiful
Suidaibh Illean Gabhaidh’ m Port
The Spell
Thig am Bàta
I will not goe to my bed til I suld die
Corriechoillie’s Welcome to the Northern Meeting
Patrick McDonald Jig
Lady Carmichael’s Strathspey
Cnoc Mhàrtainn
Miss Gordon of Gight
Mr John Smith
Susan Elizabeth’s Wedding Waltz


About this music

These tunes and arrangements are of traditional music, where variation and ornamentation are of prime importance. In performance, an experienced player would not always do the same thing with the left hand or the ornamentation. However, decisions have to be made to write things down, and as this is intended for inexperienced players, who would be advised to learn by imitation, which is the traditional way, I have put in grace notes and fingerings which I use. These give the essential ‘Scottish accent’ as my teacher, Alison Kinnaird puts it, to the music. The fingerings may well be different or slightly strange to someone with a classical background or approach but try them out – they help the rhythms of the tunes and are as important as bowing is to a fiddler. So have a think about why they’re there and then, if you’d rather do it another way then that’s okay!

Karen Marshalsay

Glasgow, 2009

Library Information

Title: The Clarsach Collection Volume 1 - Elementary
Contents: see "Contents" panel above
Composer/Arranger: Karen Marshalsay
Instrumentation: Gut Strung Clarsach
Level: Elementary
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Total Pages: 16
Weight: 100gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM131
Publisher: Marsharp Music
Edition/Year: 2009
Origin: UK (EU)

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