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SM099: The Elements - A Suite for lever or pedal harp

Cover ImageThe Elements
A Suite for lever or pedal harp
Mary Doumany

A suite of truly enchanting pieces for lever harp (or pedal harp) by Australia’s highly talented harpist and composer.
For Advanced Harpists.

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The Elements
A suite for lever or pedal harp by Mary Doumany

i. Water
ii. Spirit
iii. Fire
(Fantasy on a theme by Pearce & Doumany)
iv. Air
v. Earth


All lever settings and changes are shown as diamond notes in boxes. Lever settings are given, where necessary, at the start of each movement for the benefit of players performing individual movements. Also, for the convenience of players performing the whole work, all of the necessary lever changes for the following movement are given at the end of the preceding one (and those at the start of following movements can therefore be ignored). initial settings are shown (where applicable) across both staves, while changes in the pieces are usually on the lower stave (as lever changes are normally made with the left hand). The presence of a clef (usually treble) inside the box refers only to the lever changes, the following, ordinary notes revert to the existing clef, of course, clefs not in boxes indicate genuine changes of clef which apply both to diamond and normal notes. Although, this work was written with the lever harp in mind and lever changes are indicated on the score, it is equally playable on the pedal harp. However, the pedal changes have been left to the player.

Mary Doumany is considered to be one of the most original voices in the Australian musical community. based in Melbourne Australia, her work encompasses folk, jazz, rock and classical styles. She plays lever, pedal, acoustic and electronic harps and enjoys pushing boundaries with her music making.



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Sample Page
Title The Elements - A suite for lever or pedal harp
Composer Mary Doumany
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level Advanced
Printed Parts: A4 comb bound
Pages of music: 29
Weight: 175g
Our Ref: SM0099
Publisher: Beartramka
Edition/Year: 2007
Origin: UK