SM056: 21 Easy Pieces for Small Lap Harp

21 Easy Pieces for Small Lap Harp
Sarah Deere-Jones

Cover imageA selection of pieces from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Cornwall, England and the middle ages, especially arranged for the small range of lap harps. Many people enjoy the handy mobility of these little harps but experience difficulty dealing with the restricted range of strings - some ordinary Celtic harp repertoire will not fit on small lap harps! Beginners to intermediate standard. 22 or 23 strings preferably with levers.

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  1. David of the white rock - Wales
  2. The ash grove - Wales,
  3. Ar lan y mor - Wales,
  4. An dro - Brittany
  5. Mort de pontcalek - Brittany
  6. Merlin au berceuse - Brittany
  7. Porthlystry - Cornwall
  8. The dutch girl - Cornwall
  9. The parting - Cornwall
  10. Fanny Power - Ireland
  11. The last rose of summer - Ireland
  12. Inishear - Ireland
  13. Derwent water lament - England
  14. The water is wide - England
  15. Over the hills and far away - England
  16. The bays of Harris - Scotland
  17. Skye boat song - Scotland
  18. Spootiskerry - Scotland
  19. Danse Royale - Middle Ages
  20. Angelus ad virginem - Middle Ages
  21. Edi be thou hevenly queene - Middle Ages

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Library Information

Title: Traditional tunes from Cornwall
Contents: 21 Tunes - see Contents panel above
Composed / Arranged by: Sarah Deere-Jones
Instrumentation: Lap Harp or Lever Harp
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled
Weight: 110gm
ISBN: 979-0-57046-160-8
Our Ref: SM0056
Publisher: Cornwall Harp Centre
Printer/Distributor: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: 2005, Reprinted 2015
Origin: UK