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Title Zemio
Composer Rüdiger Oppermann 
Instrumentation Solo Harp
Cat. No. RO001
Edition 2004 Edition KlangWelten Best.-Nr. 2112
Format A4 stapled music score
ZEMIO is based on Central-African Harp Music. This music has a different character than western music. First of all, change the sound of the harp by weaving a strip of paper between the strings. This strip should be 1-2 inches (3-6cm) wide, and long enough to reach all the strings played. The strings will then produce a short, buzzing, percussive sound. When pulling out the strip (beginning at bar17), precede slowly to produce a constant, gradual sound change, especially towards the end of the passage, when only 1 or 2 strings buzz. With the typical "african" position of the hands, operating in the same octave from both sides, a specific african feeling for the polyrhythmical structures of this piece will be created, building inherant melodies, hidden underneath the two structures.
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