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Janu - Biographical and Contact Details

Photo: Janu - Princess of the harpJanu was born in the historical Belgian city of Ghent, where she undertook studies from very young age at the Music Academy. Soon, Janu got charmed by the romantic sound and enchantment of the harp as an instrument, and specialised her musical education at the Concervatory of Ghent. As time went on, Janu's specialisation evolved towards the electronic harp, while she also discovered the Paraguayan harp under the guidance of Jacques Vandevelde. Janu is now the only harp musician in Belgium performing on six different instruments: the Celtic, the Paraguayan, the classical, the Scottisch, the electro-acoustic and the electronic harp.

Over the past several years, Janu has won an impressing number of prestigious music awards, first selected in 1989 and 1990 as a finalist of the -Jeunes Solistes- competition of the Belgian Francophone Broadcasting Service, RTBF, later on, in 1994, awarded as the winner of the -Young Tenuto- competition by the Dutch language Broadcasting Service, BRTN, and in 1998 Janu crowned as the first Belgian laureate of the National Harp Competition. Janu graduated from the Ghent Music Concervatory with a Master's degree and is now teaching harp herself in several Academies throughout Belgium.

Janu's musical career as a soloist has spun into fast progression. On several occasions, in 1996 and 1997, she performed solo in Belgium's most prestigious musical mega-theatre, Forest National. Concert tours in more recent years have brought her frequently to France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Turkey. She has become a regular guest in quality music programmes on radio and television, both in Belgium and neighbouring countries. Janu's recognition as an extremely talented harpist and solo performer was particularly put into evidence in 1999, when she was invited to perform at the engagement party of Belgium's Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Filip, with Princess Mathilde.

In 1994, Janu recorded her first CD, titled -Harp of Love-, and has since then produced five CDs more. One of her cd's, issued in October 2002, remained for weeks on end among the best selling productions in Belgium.

In april 2003 Janu was invited by the Belgian Ambassy  to give concerts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where she performed for "The Higher School of Technology", "The Emirates Academy", "The Zayed University" and "The Cultural Foundation". She's also often a guest performer in the tours and concerts of the famous group "Praga Khan".

In May 2007 she went to Spain for performances at a big spectacle for Toyota.

Every year Janu is a regular soloist with the Strato-Vani orchestra in one of the biggest concerthalls in Belgium: Forest National.

In July 2008 Janu was asked to give demonstrations with her electronic harp at "The World Harp Congress" at Amsterdam.

Contact: Janu
E-mail: harp@janu.be 
Web Site: www.janu.be