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DW0015: Sonata in G minor

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The David Watkins Collection VOLUME XV
Philip Jacob Meyer (1737-1819)

SONATA in G minor
for Solo Harp
(with pedals)
Arranged by David Watkins

A fine harpist, composer and harp maker whose first studies were with Christian Hochbrucker and then came to Paris where his virtuoso playing was acclaimed at the famous 'Concert Spirituel'. In 1763, he published one of the first Methods for the pedal harp entitled 'An Essay on the correct manner of playing the harp'; the English version was published in 1774.

His son Fréderic-Charles (also a harpist) credits his father with introducing the pedal harp to London in 1772 at a concert in the Hanover Square Rooms. His compositions are always elegant and in the 'Style Galant'. Nicanor Zabaleta was the first harpist to bring this Sonata to the public. This edition is closer to eighteenth century sources.

Professor David Watkins

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Library Information

Series: The David Watkins Collection
Volume XV
Title: Sonata in G minor
Composer: Philp Jacob Meyer
Arranged by: David Watkins
Instrumentation: Solo Harp (with pedals)
Performance time: Approx. 9' 30"
Level: Medium
Printed Parts: A4 stapled score
Weight: 70g
Our Ref: DW015
Publisher: David Watkins / Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: Published June 2011
Origin: Wales, UK