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Title Swinging Strings
Composer David Johnstone
Instrumentation String Orchestra (Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, Bass)
Duration Performance time approx. 4.30 mins
Cat. No. JM 37 SC
Edition / Format 2006 A4 Score & Extractions (instrumental parts)

The String Orchestral composition 'Swinging Strings' is, as its title might imply, a mellow 'swing' piece influenced by both traditional British pop music and the traditional English school of 'harmonic' string writing going back to the romantic generation. It is proving to be a popular work exactly for this combination of modern rhythmic (almost 'jazzy-pop' feel) within traditional string writing. This orchestral piece makes fine reading for Youth Orchestras and young Conservatoire orchestras, whilst being a fun item for more advanced or professional players. It should also be mentioned that this work can make a warming 'encore' to the serious concert and an ideal relaxation piece on music courses, summer camps etc. ... however played by professionals this piece can sound very 'slick' and convincing indeed (please note that it has been recorded by the 'Swinging Strings' Ensemble from the Basque National Orchestra on the CD 'Entre Dos Mundos' available from Creighton's Collection).

The beauty of the conception of this piece is that it can work perfectly from the barest string orchestral minimum size (perhaps some 10 or 11 players) up to true symphonic forces. In fact it is also possible to perform in a rather different string quartet version, containing a number of differences especially with regard to colourings and string double-stopping passages.

Somewhat depending on the speed chosen the duration should normally be around four and a half minutes.

The piece 'Swinging Strings' is dedicated to Robert (Bob) Dent, a most gifted and versatile cellist based in London, and a life-long friend and colleague of the composer.

Parts Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass
Sound sample Clip 1  Clip 2 (mp3 clip from the album Entre Dos Mundos)
Price Conductor Score £13.50, Extractions (Instrumental Parts) available individually as required, £1.00 each
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