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Title Two Popular Pieces for string trio
Composer David Johnstone
Instrumentation String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)
Duration Performance time approx. 6.00 mins
Cat. No. JM34SC
Edition / Format 2007 A4 Study Score & Extractions (instrumental parts)

TWO POPULAR PIECES FOR STRING TRIO are fun and multi-use pieces for Violin, Viola and Cello, suitable in most lighter programmes, or as encores in more serious recitals, but also as 'utility pieces' in galas, congresses, receptions, and even have worked splendidly in weddings … the two pieces can be performed in whichever order one wishes (the composer personally favours a fast – slow order!) or one piece can be played separately as an individual piece.

'Celtic Celebration': the composer was born in the south of England but has long been conscious of his celtic blood - indeed the Johnstones were formally one of the most powerful border clans in South Scotland - so it came rather naturally to him to write a trio piece of 'pure' celtic ambience. One simply has to imagine or conjure up a scene in an inn or pub late at night in a 'west coast' port (could be in Scotland, Ireland or Bretagne!) with the beer rather free-flowing … It is a grand Jig with varying sections and tonalities. All three instrumentalists have the limelight by turns.

'Song for Her': this is a most gentle and tender instrumental song, with a high lyricism that deliberately intends to remind one of a young man dreaming of his love. It is European but it would be difficult to define an exact place. The cello plays in arpeggio patterns (rather in the manner of a guitarist) whilst the violin and viola sing out their melodies, frequently playing together in octaves. This original beautiful miniature was originally composed to accompany an intimate and romantic moment in an animation film production directed by Julian Roberts and screened on British television, but has since become an instrumental piece in its own right.


These pieces are dedicated to Fernando Saenz de Ugarte, Director of the 'Auditorio de Barañain' of Navarre (Spain), who has made the centre available for many projects of 'Johnstone-Music' well above the call of duty – the composer would like to pay tribute and say that if all concert hall managers were like him then this would be a very happy world for the concert artist!

Parts Violin, Viola, Cello
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