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Title Tango Concierto
Composer David Johnstone
Instrumentation Solo cello
Duration Performance time approx. 8.00 mins
Cat. No. DJ007 (Johnstone Music Cat. No. JM 11 SC)
Edition / Format 2005 A4

The composition “Tango-Concierto” was written for a series of concerts relating to the tenth anniversary of the death of the wonderful 'father' of modern Argentine music, Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). As such it is a kind of homage to this composer who knew how to combine superbly the classical language of his day with the popular flavour of the tango. Johnstone uses the same 'formula' as Piazzolla: the material of the composition divides into two contrasting blocks in parts a music of accented rhythms, fast and energetic, and in other moments a more relaxed tempo with song-like sensual lines. From the beginning it was conceived equally as a work demanding an impressive technique from the cellist (hence 'concierto' or concerto), showing itself in highly contrasted registers of the instrument, double/triple-stops, pizzicatos, spiccatos and other bowing techniques, which gives the sensation at the same time as being a modern 'caprice'. The work is dedicated to Fernando Villanueva, in appreciation of his support and enthusiasm in the forming of the project 'Neofusion-Tango'.

With gratitude to Spanish Television 'Telecinco S.A.' (and a special thanks to Isabel Morales of the programme 'Nocturnos') for permission to make the publication of this work possible.

Parts Solo Cello
Sound sample Listen (mp3 clip from the album Sensaciones)
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