Alaw070: Mist Covered Mountains

Mist Covered Mountains
Gwen Mairi Sinclair

Cover imageArranged and edited by Gwen Màiri Sinclair. Alaw's first publication in English and Scottish Gaelic. A wonderful book. For Celtic harp at beginner's level.


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Mist Covered Mountains
Gwen Mairi Sinclair


This collection of exercises and arrangements is a result of my work at Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu over the past year and a half. I had many new pupils to whom I wanted to teach good musicianship and technique, but through the medium of traditional (mainly Gaelic) music. I found that many of the books available either assumed a reasonable degree of note-reading skills, were mainly classical in approach or moved at a pace too fast for pupils who didn’t have their own instrument at home and could only practise at lunchtimes.

These progressively arranged tunes and exercises aim to develop good technique, fingering and note-reading skills while allowing the student to play traditional music from the very beginning. The arrangements use basic chord shapes, which, hopefully, will instil a good idea of accompanying patterns in the player so that they can go on to arrange their own choice of tunes or, indeed, may feel free to make their own arrangements of these tunes! Ornaments are introduced briefly at the end, at which point the player can return to previous pieces in the book and experiment with decorating them as appropriate.

This book is not intended as a method or as a ‘teach-yourself’ manual: it is always advisable to work with a good teacher who can keep an eye on your hands! Have fun!

Gwen Màiri Sinclair March, 2008, Glasgow



01 Bàigh Na Hearadh (Bays of Harris)
02 Leanabh An Àigh (Child in a Manger)
03 Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)
04 Teann a-nall (Come, Come)
05 Nam Bu Leam Fheìn Thu (Dream Angus)
06 Sìne Bhàn (Fair Jean) (Le Beau Jean)
07 Soraidh Slàn Le Fionnairidh (Farewell to Fuinary)
08 Chì Mi'n Toman (I See the Hillock)
09 Cha Bhi Mi Gad Thàladh (I Will Not Sing You A Lullaby)
10 Tàll An Crodh, Faigh An Crodh (Milking Song)
11 Chì mi na Mòr-Bheanna (Mist-Covered Mountains)
12 Mo Dhachaigh (My Home) (Chez Moi)
13 Seice Ruairidh (Ruairidh's Hide)
14 Cuan Nan Anam (Sea of Souls)
15 Caidil Gu Là (Sleep Till Morning)
16 Am Bàta Arainn (The Arran Boat Song)
17 Gràdh Geal Mo Chridhe (The Eriskay Love Lilt)
18 Gràdh Geal Mo Chridhe (The Eriskay Love Lilt) (more advanced version)

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Library Information

Title: Mist Covered Mountains
Arranged: Gwen Mairi Sinclair
Contents: 18 solos - see contents panel above
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Grade 1 -2
Format: A4 stapled score
ISBN: 9790708039945
Publisher: Alaw
Edition/Year: 2008
Origin: UK
Our Ref: Alaw070