Alaw029: Gwledd Geltaidd / A Celtic Feast Book 2

Gwledd Geltaidd / A Celtic Feast
Book 2 - Scotland
Ailie Robertson

Cover image Vivacious and entertaining, Alaw present eight pieces arranged and edited by Ailie Robertson, the creative and lively well-known Scottish harpist. Altogether, twelve popular and significant melodies. Ideal for concerts, background music and functions or for study and reference. For pedal or Celtic harp. Intermediate to advanced level.


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Gwledd Geltaidd / A Celtic Feast
Book 2 - Scotland
Ailie Robertson


It is a great pleasure to present these arrangements of Scottish traditional music. Scotland has an incredibly rich folkmusic heritage and I hope that this collection will help introduce harpists all over the world to this culture. In Scotland, the Scottish harp or Clarsach (lever harp) is a national instrument known from ancient times. Under the Clan system, the harpists had several functions amongst which was accompanying the Chief into battle, playing for ceremonial occasions and for making soothing music for clan members as they lay down to rest. Music in Scotland varies from area to area and sounds different depending on what part of Scotland you are in. To reflect this diversity I have tried to choose a wide range of tunes from various regions in this collection.

Ailie Robertson

1. Trì Puirt-cruinn Traidiseanta (Three Traditional Jigs) - arr. Ailie Robertson
2. Bràighe Loch Iall (Braigh Loch Iall) - arr. Ailie Robertson
3. Pòs Mi sa Mhionaid (Marry Me Now) - arr. Ailie Robertson
4. Tha an Diabhal air falbh leis a’ Ghàidsear (The Deil's Awa Wi' th' Exciseman) - arr. Ailie Robertson
5. Atharrachaidhean air Tulach Gorm (Variations on Tullochgorum) - J.S.Skinner arr. Ailie Robertson
6. Taigh Coilsfield (Coilsfield House) - arr. Ailie Robertson
7. Trì Ruidhlichean Albannach (Three Scottish Reels) - arr. Ailie Robertson
8. Srath-spè agus Ruidhlichean (Strathspey and Reels) - arr. Ailie Robertson

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Library Information

Title: Gwledd Geltaidd / A Celtic Feast Book 2
Composed: Ailie Robertson
Contents: 8 Solos - see "contents" panel above
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Format: A4 stapled
Weight: 140gm
ISBN: 9790708039945
Publisher: Alaw
Edition/Year: 2009
Origin: UK
Our Ref: Alaw029