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The aim of Creighton's Collection is to offer classical, folk or traditional musicians with undistributed recordings a simple, hassle free e-commerce site where their albums can be sold without them needing to buy any software or hardware, pay web designer or hosting fees or face any up front costs. The musicians don't need a web site, e-mail address or even a computer, all they need is a recording!

This site was first uploaded on 10 July 2003 featuring a few titles produced by friends and we start taking Credit Card Payments in August 2003.

You would like us to start selling your CD?

First we need to sort out the financial side, we agree a purchase price (what we buy at) which is the retail price (what we sell at) less our mark up.

We then create your entries for the Artist A-Z and the Album A-Z as well as the Album Information Page (AIP), with MP3 clips for each album. To do this we need one copy of your recording (CD or CDR) with all the paper parts, details about you, your concerts and, if you have one, your URL (web site address). If you do not have a web site you can supply us with a short biography, contact details & a photo which we will incorporate in to your pages on this site.

If your entry is completed before we have received stock your details will be uploaded to our Coming Soon page rather than the A-Z lists. As soon as we have the sock and you are happy with your entries we will transfer them to the main pages.


To enable you to provide the information you want included on your pages we have three Acrobat (PDF) forms you can complete on line and either e-mail to us or print / post together with a copy of your recording (CD) and any additional photographs or other information you would like us to use.

To open a form on line click the link below. To down load the form and complete it off line right click and select "Save Target As".

Acrobat Form

Details you supply are used to:

Album Information Form Provide information needed for the Album A-Z Page.
Ensemble Information Form Provide information needed for the Ensemble Section of our Artist A-Z Pages (where recording is by a group or ensemble).
Artist Information Form Provide information needed for the Soloist Section of our Artist A-Z Pages (where recording is by a soloist. Ensembles can also complete one copy of this form for each member of the ensemble who would like a free listsing in the soloist section of our Artist A-Z Pages).
If you open one of these pdf files on line it will open in a new window.

The Small Print See also Privacy Policy & Terms of use

Guidelines for inclusion: We will add any recording to Creighton's Collection so long as ...

  1. The music on the album should be in classical, folk or traditional style.
  2. There MUST be an MCPS Licence for the recording.
  3. Any audio clips to be used must not infringe any copyrights. ***
  4. The recording should not be nationally distributed in the UK.

*** In August 2003 the PRS is due to launch a new type of licence aimed at web sites using multiple short sound clips such as we will be using. We have written to the PRS and they will be sending an application form to us as soon they are available. This will overcome most copyright issues and ensure those with copyright receive the royalties they deserve. Until we receive this licence we will only be able to use music clips that do not infringe any copyrights. This can be ascertained from the MCPS licence for any album.

Supply of stock to us:-

  1. We issue formal Purchase Orders for the stock aquisitions.
  2. The first time we take stock from you we would require between 5 & 10 copies of each format of each recording you wish us to sell plus the one extra CD copy to use to create your entries.
  3. The rate of subsequent restocking will depend on the rate of sale of each format of each recording.
  4. For the first 100 copies of any one recording in one format we can only take stock on sale or return.
  5. Stock supplied to us on sale or return remains your property until we have paid you for them.
  6. After we have sold 100 copies of any one recording in any one format we will pay you for all future copies of that recording with in 14 days of delivery.

Sale Prices from Creighton's Collection:-

We sell albums at the Retail Price detailed on your MCPS licence + 17.5% (Retail Price on the licence is shown ex vat)

Purchase Prices paid by Creighton's Collection:-

The first 100 copies of any one recording we take stock of must be supplied to us on sale or return at a price to be agreed. Once 100 copies of any one recording have been supplied all future stock will be paid for within 14 days of receipt of your invoice.

Our mark up covers:-

  1. Setting up your pages on our web site
  2. The cost of processing the credit card payment from the purchaser
  3. Contribute to the hosting & maintenance of this web site
  4. Contribute to the cost of promoting this web site
  5. Providing pre-sales & after-sales service

Because item 1. is a fixed cost we operate a reducing "mark up". Once we have sold 25 copies of any of your recordings the mark up will be reduced so that we pay more for each of your recordings we buy from you. Once we have sold 100 copies of any one recording we would negotiate a new purchase price with yourselves, again we would expect to be able to pay more for these further copies.

The mark up for different formats of the same recording may be different.

For details of our "mark up" please e-mail us using this link: tim@creightonscollection.co.uk (Please do not alter the subject line)

Payments to you:-

Payment for stock supplied on sale or return:

Each time one of your recordings is sold your 'account' with us is credited with the amount we owe you. i.e. the Purchase Price for the individual item sold.

On the last working day of each calendar month we calculate the balance in your account. Payment of this balance will be made by cheque posted second class to the address you have requested payment to be sent to no later than the 21 day of the following month. For example you will receive the payment we owe you for stock sold during July 2003 on or before 23 August 2003. If you have more than one album with us all sales for all your recordings in all your formats are put into a single 'account.' Ensembles must note that we pay out to a single 'account' we can not split our payments for one recording to multiple payees.

Stock purchased by Creighton's Collection:

Once we have sold 100 units of any one recording we would pay for all future stock within 14 days of delivery & invoice.

Leaving Us:-

You are free to leave at any time. We hope that the only reason that you will leave is because by being sold here it has helped you get a contract with a Distributor and that you no longer need to use us.

If we are holding stock which we have purchased outright we would either continue selling until stocks ran out and then remove your details from our site or sell them back to you at the price paid for them, less carriage if we had to post them to you.

If we are holding stock supplied on sale or return we would remove your page as soon as possible after receiving your written confirmation. Any money in your 'account' would be paid as soon as possible to you, normally within 7 days. If you have been with us for over six months we will even post the unsold stock back to you at our expense, if you have been with us for less than six months you would need to make arrangements for collection of your unsold stock.

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