We are able to undertake all aspects of design, implementation and manufacture of Audio CD, Multimedia CD or DVD using our dedicated CD-R & DVD-R replicator and dedicated full face disc printer. Please contact us for details.

Multimedia CD-R are a particularly useful tool for Musicians. We are able to replicate a web site on to CD but using much higher quality graphics, audio & video files providing an excellent means of promoting the artist. Every CD-ROM is different so we do not operate a fixed price "menu" but we are always willing to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation.

If we were designing a web site for a client and we were asked to also produce a multimedia CD-ROM version the product, the additional cost would be about 50% of the web design charge. This allows for a similar style and layout but with extended text and enhanced images, audio and video clips.

For example if we were producing a sound clip for a web site it would perhaps be an MP3 or WAV audio clip of 30 seconds duration at 56kbs while for the Multimedia version we would produce an MP3 or WAV of the complete track at 320kbs (CD quality sound). If we were creating a web photo album the images on the CD-R would be suitable for photographic quality reproduction.

As the final CD-R copies can be produced in small runs it is possible to keep the product up to date with out large quantities of pre-existing stock suddenly becoming out of date.

The CD-Rs themselves are very attractively priced and aimed at small runs of up to 1,000. Post design production costs of a CD-R / DVD-R complete with a 4pp booklet, inlay card and colour full body on disc print, cellophane wrapped in a Jewel case being about £2.00 each with a minimum run of 5.

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Page last updated 14 January, 2010