About Marcel Tournier (1879-1951)

Marcel TournierMarcel Tournier was a student of Hasselmans at the Paris Conservatoire. One of the five sons of a Paris luthier, like his brothers he followed his father’s demand that all should learn a string instrument, entering the Conservatoire at the age of sixteen. He studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with Lenepvu, Caussade and Widor respectively, and won the second Prix de Rome in 1909. He succeeded Hasselmans at the Conservatoire in 1912, continuing there until 1948, when he was succeeded by Lily Laskine. He had a strong influence as a teacher, while his compositions for the harp make a significant addition to the repertoire of the instrument. His impressionistic Vers la source dans le bois (Towards the fountain in the wood) was written in 1922.

Sheet Music: Marcel Tournier

Marcel Tournier (1879-1951)
Solo harp
Title (click for further info) Instrumentation
Berceuse Pedal harp
Berceuse Russe Pedal harp
Deux Petites Pièces Brèves et Faciles Pedal harp
Deux Preludes Romantiques op. 17 Violin & Pedal Harp
Etude de Concert - Au Matin Pedal harp
Images op. 29 Suite No. 1 Pedal harp
Images op. 31 Suite No. 2 Pedal harp
Images Suite No. 3 op. 35 & No.4 op. 39 Pedal harp
Nocturne op. 21 Cello & Pedal Harp,
Organ (ad lib.)
Quatre Préludes Pedal harp
Sonatine op. 30 Pedal harp
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