About Henriette Renié

Henriette ReniéHenriette Renié was born in Paris in 1875. A pupil at the Paris Conservatory of the harpist Alphonse Hasselmans and of Théodore Dubois, she was rewarded with a brilliant First Prize for harp in 1887 as well as prizes for fugue and composition. Her outstanding career as a virtuoso harpist did not prevent her from making her mark as a composer. She wrote numerous works for harp including a concerto, chamber music, various transcriptions for her own instrument and a world-renowned method. Henriette Renié died in Paris in 1956.

Courtesy Alphonse Leduc

Sheet Music: Henriette Renié

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Title (click for further info) Instrumentation
Au bord du Ruisseau Pedal Harp
Ballade Fantastique Pedal Harp
Danse Des Lutins Pedal Harp
Feuillets d'Album Pedal Harp
Grand'mère raconte une histoire Lever Harp
Le Rossignol - Franz Liszt
Pedal Harp
Legende - D'apres les elfes de Leconte de Lisle Pedal Harp
Six pièces brèves pour harpe  Pedal Harp
Pièce in G major - JS Bach Præmbulum from Partita no 5 in G major BWV 829 Pedal Harp
Un Sospiro - Franz Liszt Pedal Harp
Les Classiques de la Harpe  
Volume 1 - Rameau, Marin Marais, Daquin, Beehoven, Haydn Pedal Harp
Volume 2 - Daquin, Zipoli, Scarlatti, Lully, Mendessohn, Chopin Pedal harp
Volume 3 - Rameau, Daquin, Beethoven, JS Bach, Schubert Pedal Harp
Volume 4 - Paradisi: TOCCATA, Mozart: SONATE FACILE EN UT Pedal Harp
Volume 11: Dix Pièces - JS Bach Pedal Harp
Volume 12: Dix Preludes - JS Bach Pedal harp
Complete method for HARP - Book 1 Technique & Book 2 Syntax - Appendix bound in single volume
Complete method for HARP - Book 2 Syntax - Appendix