About Henriette Renié

Henriette ReniéHenriette Renié was born in Paris in 1875. A pupil at the Paris Conservatory of the harpist Alphonse Hasselmans and of Théodore Dubois, she was rewarded with a brilliant First Prize for harp in 1887 as well as prizes for fugue and composition. Her outstanding career as a virtuoso harpist did not prevent her from making her mark as a composer. She wrote numerous works for harp including a concerto, chamber music, various transcriptions for her own instrument and a world-renowned method. Henriette Renié died in Paris in 1956.

Courtesy Alphonse Leduc

Sheet Music: Henriette Renié

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Title (click for further info) Instrumentation
Première Arabesque (Debussy - trans. H. Renié) Pedal harp
Deuxieme Arabesque (Debussy - trans. H. Renié) Pedal Harp
Deux Arabesques pour harpe (Debussy - trans. H. Renié) Pedal Harp
Au bord du Ruisseau Pedal Harp
Ballade Fantastique Pedal Harp
Danse Des Lutins Pedal Harp
En Bateau from Petite Suite (Debussy - trans. H. Renié) Pedal Harp
Feuillets d'Album Pedal Harp
Grand'mère raconte une histoire Lever Harp
Le Rossignol - Franz Liszt
Pedal Harp
Legende - D'apres les elfes de Leconte de Lisle Pedal Harp
Six pièces brèves pour harpe  Pedal Harp
Pièce in G major - JS Bach Præmbulum from Partita no 5 in G major BWV 829 Pedal Harp
Un Sospiro - Franz Liszt Pedal Harp
Les Classiques de la Harpe  
Volume 1 - Rameau, Marin Marais, Daquin, Beehoven, Haydn Pedal Harp
Volume 2 - Daquin, Zipoli, Scarlatti, Lully, Mendessohn, Chopin Pedal harp
Volume 3 - Rameau, Daquin, Beethoven, JS Bach, Schubert Pedal Harp
Volume 4 - Paradisi: TOCCATA, Mozart: SONATE FACILE EN UT Pedal Harp
Volume 11: Dix Pièces - JS Bach Pedal Harp
Volume 12: Dix Preludes - JS Bach Pedal harp
Complete method for HARP - Book 1 Technique & Book 2 Syntax - Appendix bound in single volume
Complete method for HARP - Book 2 Syntax - Appendix