Compositions and arrangements for Harp

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Le Rossignol "The Nightingale" (tr. H Renie) Pedal harp
Liebestraume (tr. Wilhelm Posse) Pedal Harp
Paraphrase on Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody (Salzedo) Pedal Harp
Un Sospiro (tr. H Renie) Pedal Harp
Contemplation: The Franz Liszt Anthology series by Editions Harpiana
Volume 1: Sacred Meditations Pedal Harp
Volume 2: Christmas Tree Pedal Harp
Volume 3: Lyric Reflections Pedal Harp
Volume 4: Otherworldly Musings Pedal Harp
Am Rhein, im schönen Strome Pedal Harp
Angelus Pedal Harp
Ave maris stella Pedal Harp
Hungarian Rhapsody #5 Pedal Harp
Postlude Pedal Harp
Romance Pedal Harp
Two Ave Maria Pedal Harp

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