About Na Clàrsairean

Na Clàrsairean
The Orchestra of the Edinburgh Branch of the Clarsach Society
Director Isobel Mieras

Photo of Edinburgh Harp The Festival Orchestra and members of Na Clarsairean “Na Clàrsairean” (The Harpers) were formed more than forty years ago as a small group of enthusiasts making music together mainly for their own pleasure. From these early days, they have evolved as an orchestra whose numbers vary from between 20 and 40 players of all ages and experience, many of whom have become skilled and popular performers in their own right and in other groups. Under the skilled direction of Isobel Mieras the orchestra has been invited to take part in concerts at the World Harp Congress on three occasions (Seattle 1996, Prague 1999 & Geneva 2002), and has produced three CDs featuring some of her numerous compositions and arrangements.

Their fourth recording The Megget Valley was commissioned by the Clarsach Society’s Edinburgh Branch to commemorate a special birthday for Isobel, who has dedicated a lifetime of service to the Society and its individual players as a performer, teacher, composer, arranger and adjudicator, in addition to being Musical Adviser to the annual Edinburgh International Harp Festival. ‘From early days of studying clarsach (Scottish harp) with Jean Campbell and voice with her mother Ella Lamb, Isobel’s name has become synonymous with clarsach playing and voice accompaniment within and beyond Scotland’s shores, helping to bring this the oldest of Scotland’s traditional musical instruments to 21st century audiences around the world.

To Isobel we say, “Meal do naidheachd is mòran taing!” (Congratulations and sincere thanks!)

John Macteod - President, An Comunn Gàidhealach

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