Jean Baur

Jean Pierre BAUR (Bouzonville-Moselle circa 1719) was the founder of a dynasty of harpists.

He moved to Paris in about 1745, but seems to have learned to play the harp rather late in life, since his first compositions for the instrument are dated 1769, During this year he published a work, unfortunately lost, for harp, flute, violin and cello.

In 1773 BAUR published 12 Sonatas : 6 with harpsichord accompaniment and 6 with violin. These sonatas are dedicated respectively (by groups of four) to the Princess of Lamballe, the Duchess of Chartres and to the Duchess of Bourbon.

Jean Pierre BAUR understood the difference between writing for the harp or for the harpsichord at a time when the music for these two instruments was often mistakenly similar. Despite this fact he does not seem to have been a virtuoso player as was his daughter Marie Marguerite (Paris 1748 - ?) She was the ideal interpreter of his works and from 1762 was heard and applauded in numerous Paris Concerts.

This sonata was given its first modern performance at the Palace of the Cardinals of Rohan* in Paris April 22, 1955 during a Concert reminiscent of the 18th century "Amateur" programs. *(Archives of France)



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