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Bernard Kilbride: Born in Tenby, Dyfed (WALES, UK).First public performance was at Monmouth Folk Club, aged 9, playing the penny whistle with our parents. Later he became interested in the Mandolin, and Acoustic Guitar. For the bulk of his late teens, he accompanied his parents on Mandolin and Guitar in their Ceilidh band - Juice of Barley. He eventually switched to the fiddle following a six-week Tour of Brittany with his parents and brother Danny in the mid/late 1980's. Round about this time also he played electric guitar again with brother Danny) in their local Punk/New Wave band. Played fiddle with a dozen or more of Wales' local Folk Bands during the late 80's/early 90's (Yr Hwntws, Taran, Cara, The Rowdy Dow etc.), contributing to a number of professional recordings. He took over and now manages the musical direction of his parent's former Ceilidh band - abridging its name to simply JUICE!. Sometimes makes guest appearances with Wales' leading Cajun Band - Baton Rouge.

Now the official veteran of a thousand Ceilidh's.........?????

Photo Gerard Kilbride Gerard Kilbride: Born in Newport, Gwent (WALES, UK). On the side of the M4. Learned the trombone at school and played in the Welsh Youth Orchestra, aged 12. Like all of us, he experimented with the many and varied musical instruments that were available at home. He played trumpet (sprayed with blue car paint) in our 'New Wave' band in the early eighties, and guitar with many of South Wales' various Ceilidh bands and one of our earliest Folk incarnations - Colonel Pine and the Pine Kernels. He eventually settled with the Fiddle whilst learning Violin Making at the famous Newark School. We play two of his fiddles. Built with MikE Morgan, one of the currachs used for the ill fated Bluestone project. Below, Mkokoni village school
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Daniel Kilbride: Born in a council flat in Cardiff after an all night party with The Ballet Rambert. His first public performance was in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary folk club in 1970, playing guitar with his parents. For the anoraks amongst you, he plays the usual mixture of fretted and fretless stringed instruments, and uses the revolutionary 'Bowyer's' technique on keyboards and violin. After two years of learning to play like Dave Gilmour, he gave up and started a punk band - The Condensers, with brother Bernard
Has spent much of his past musical working life involved in most of Juice's (the family Ceilidh Band) various incarnations - everything from psycho-skiffle to death-metal folk from Hell.. Until October 97 Danny worked with the ROOT DOCTORS, releasing three CDs - DR Root's Gumbo Kings, La..La..La. and Low Life. Danny can also be heard playing on the CDs of Huw and Tony Williams, The Rowdy Dow and many others.Danny has been involved with the huge Welsh language folk band YR HWNTWS since the early eighties (rumored to be reforming!). Along with PHIL FREEMAN and STEPHEN REES he is a founder member of TRAC, a body that exists to promote the folk music, in its many guises, of Wales.
In '97 Danny managed to be the first person to successfully get a revenue grant from the ARTS COUNCIL of WALES LOTTERY UNIT for a one-off gig to end all gigs. He is a long-standing member of the Musicians' Union and serves on the Cardiff Branch committee. He is also now touring with Sian Philips.Danny uses PICATO strings.

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Recordings Sidan

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