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Julie Murphy and Dylan Fowler

Recordings Ffawd

Two of Wales finest musicians come together to record a collection of songs from the rich Welsh language tradition. The album was inspired by joint performances in Portugal in 2001 with Camane, one of the young stars of Fado - Lisbon's passionate urban folk music - to re-present the traditional Welsh repertoire to a modern audience. The title, Ffawd (fate) acknowledges this initial inspiration. The arrangements are simple and contemporary featuring only guitar and voice highlighting the timeless quality of the music. Ffawd includes rare material alongside more familiar songs presented in a new way.

Julie Murphy is regarded internationally as one of Britains finest folk singers. Her music has taken her round the globe on tours which have included extraordinary collaborative projects with traditonal singers and musicians from countries as diverse as Vietnam, Palestine, Sudan and Mozambique. She has also worked with rock musicians like John Cale & Robert Plant.

Dylan Fowler is one of the finest guitar players in wales, he has toured internationally as a solo performer and has also collaborated with some of Britain's finest jazz musicians including Danny Thompson, Bosco Dolivera and Winston Clifford.

A SIOE gelf half hour documentary about the making of Ffawd was screened on S4C on 13th Jan 2002.

On the first day of the Millennium, Julie and Dylan performed three songs from the album on BBC Radio 3 in London as part of a world music day that was broadcast live across the globe.


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Recordings Ffawd

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