Jean Chatillon - Composer & Storyteller

Clair de Lune Sur Les Eaux Du Rêve    Valse pour l'Échappée Belle    Chorals (Op. 88)

Photograph of Jean Chatillon
Jean Chatillion
Photograph of Jean Chatillion with guitarist Sébastien Deshaies (Chorals Op.88)
Jean Chatillion with guitarist Sébastien Deshaies (Chorals Op.88)

1937 birth to Nicolet
1943-1948 primary and secondary studies (to Nicolet)
1948-1957 classical course (to the Seminary of Nicolet) finished with the gives an award to Lieutenant Governor
1951 begin composing (in self-taught)
1957-1961 bacc. in pharmacy (university of Montréal) musical studies (Music Faculty of the university of Montréal) with the master Conrad Letendre
1961-1964 sign the sciences to Three Rivers (Technology Institute); participates in many concerts; is founded the Artistic Club of Nicolet
1964-1967 bacc. in pédagogie and teaching license, option music (university of Montréal)
1967-1968 sign the music to Drummondville (Cegep); stock market of Quebec for the research of music classical quebec partitions (deposit of hundreds d' œuvres)
1969-1974 foundation and direction of the Section Music of the university of Quebec to Three Rivers; compilation many theoretical works; teaching of the harmony, counterpoint and composition
1974 founding member of the group Art Nicolet
1974-1975 on vacation; stock market of researches (UQTR)
1975-1976 stock market of the Counsel of the ottawa Arts (for researches in musical theory)
1977 be founded the Editions of the Black ecureuil
1977-1978 edition of two books of stories
1977-1980 return to the teaching
1979 collaborate in the encyclopedia of the Music to Canada
1981 resignation of the university (for health reasons)
1982 artist full-time… musical composition, literature, various, small essays history, etc.
1996 member of the "Independent Mélodistes" participate in the book For the love of the Music
1996 stock market of the Ministry of the Culture (Quebec)
1997 accepted composer (Centers Canadian Music)
2000 end of april: composes Waltzes it for the Beautiful echappée at the end of December: orchestration of the Waltzes
2001 other numerous œuvres for orchestrates of which: The life as waltz… (9 waltz), Quebec dances (4 pieces), Village sketch (5 pieces), etc.
to August 27 Waltzes it for the Beautiful echappée becomes the indicative one transmission to Radio Canada
to November 3: concert homage with the Symphonic orchestra of Drummondville (creation of the Quebec Continuation and of the Waltzes)
in November: recording d'a documentary of 60 minutes on my life and my music (with Ms Rita Dolan Caron and the company Cogeco)
in December: gone out d'a first disc CD… "Moonlight on the waters of the dream"
2002 continuation of the compositions for orchestrates in February: quartet for saxophones writing beginning for guitar at the end of March: gone out d'a second disc CD… "The seasons of the cœur" with the pianiste Jorge Gomez Labrana

Contact Details
John Chatillon
19650, boul. Bécancour
Bécancour, Qc
G9H 1B5
Telephone 819-233-2927

Clair de Lune Sur Les Eaux Du Rêve    Valse pour l'Échappée Belle    Chorals (Op. 88)

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