ALBUM: Ffawd
ARTIST: Julie Murphy and Dylan Fowler 

Sleeve Notes


Julie Murphy - vocals
Dylan Fowler - strings

There are no notes, just some lyrics with this CD but please visit for song info, lyrics and translations


All titles traditional arranged by Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler except:

11. bugeilia'r gwenith gwyn - Murphy, Fowler & Rhydderch

Recording: Jens Schroeder @ Dreamworld Studio May 2001
Mixing and mastering: Jens Schroeder & Ceri Rhys Matthews @ Dreamworld Studio August 2001
Production: Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler
Design: Jack Jackson
Photographs: Ceri Rhys Matthews (except where marked otherwise)
Label: Fflach:tradd
Fflach 2001©Cyhoeddiaudau Mwldan

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